New species of silky anteaters

Main report: Six New Tiny Anteater Species Found—Hiding in Plain Sight
(National Geographic)

Scientific Paper: Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society   
New Taxa: Cyclopes xinguensis, Cyclopes rufus, Cyclopes thomasi
Species named for: locaility Vitória do Xingu, Pará, Brazil, Michael Rogers Oldfield Thomas, rufus meaning ‘red’ in Latin
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Silky anteaters were once thought to comprise a single species, but researchers have now determined that the population is made up of seven unique species.  Researchers went on 10 expeditions in Brazil and Suriname in search of silky anteaters over a decade, and scoured natural history museums, collecting DNA samples from 33 wild anteaters and anatomical information collected from 280 museum specimens.  Three new species are named.

Photo: Karina Molina, Alexandre Martins and Flavia Miranda

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