New families, genera and species of sea slugs, some from the Arctic Ocean, and one that lives near the North Pole

Main report: Polyphyly of the traditional family Flabellinidae affects a major group of Nudibranchia: aeolidacean taxonomic reassessment with descriptions of several new families, genera, and species (Mollusca, Gastropoda)

Scientific Paper: Zookeys    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Ziminella abyssa, Ziminella circapolaris, Borealia sanamyanae, Fjordia, Fjordia chriskaugei, Gulenia, Gulenia orjani, Gulenia monicae, Itaxia, Polaria, Baenopsis, Microchlamylla, Occidentella, Orientella, Apataidae, Flabellinopsidae, Samlidae
Species named for: Z abyssa: abyssal habitat, one of the deepest among aeolidacean nudibranchs., Z circapolaris: proximity of the habitat to the North Pole, B sanamyanae: Nadezhda Sanamyan, Fjordia, F chriskaugei: Christian Skauge, G monicae: Monica Bakkeli
Categories: Invertebrates | New Species
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Rarely seen sea slugs from the Arctic reveal 3 new families, 16 new genera & 13 new species described based on novel material.

@ZooKeys Torkild Bakken, Kennet Lundin, Bernard Picton and 6 others

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