‘Extinct’ cave frog rediscovered in Zimbabwe

Main report: After 54 years in hiding, 'extinct' frog rediscovered in Zimbabwe
(EarthTouch News)
Other Reporting: Huffington Post
Scientific Paper: African Zoology   
New Taxa: Arthroleptis troglodytes
Common Name: Sinkhole squeaker
Categories: Amphibians | Lazarus Species

(Reports first published Jan 2017)  A very viable population of frogs not seen for 54 years has been found again, atop Zimbabwe’s Chimanimani Mountains, by researchers from Zimbabwe’s Natural History Museum..  The species inhabits caves and grasslands in the area. They are believed to undergo direct development, skipping the tadpole stage and hatching from their eggs as fully formed, miniature adults.

A cave squeaker. Photo: Francois Becker

Phot: Francios Becker

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