Citizen science discovery adventure in Borneo yields six new species of beetles

Main report: Citizen scientists discover 6 new species of beetles in Borneo
Other Reporting: EurekAlert Video, (Multimedia, Dutch), Taxon Expeditions (Video)
Scientific Paper: Biodiversity Data Journal   
New Taxa: Colenisia chungi, Clavicornaltica sabahensis, Dermatohomoeus maliauensis
Species named for: Malaysian entomologist Arthur Chung, study sites
Categories: Citizen Science | Insects | New Species | Species Discovery
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Taxon Expedition‘s first field course to the remote 30-kilometre-wide Maliau Basin in Malaysian Borneo, yielded six new species of leaf litter beetle.  Citizen scientists on the expedition discovered these species during a field exercise employing the method of ‘Winkler extraction’. Using this technique, dead leaves are collected from the rainforest floor before being sieved, so that hundreds of tiny soil-dwelling insects can be revealed.  The participants of the expedition named each of the new species.  The Taxon Expeditions concept involves ten days of lectures and workshops in a well-equipped field research centre, during which the citizen scientists are trained in basic field and lab. techniques for biodiversity assessment and identification. Under the guidance of embedded taxonomists, the participants identify and describe new taxa belonging to the taxonomists’ field of expertise.

Taxon Expeditions



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