A new species of Tropical Burnet Moth from Texas

Main report: Lactura rubritegula: A new species of Tropical Burnet Moth from Texas.
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Scientific Paper: Zookeys   
New Taxa: Lactura rubritegula
Species named for: red tegula (akin to the shoulder)
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Tropical Burnet Moths, Lacturidae are small-to-medium sized Moths with wingspans of 11-65 mm, and tend to be cream in colour with orange, red and yellow patterns.  Seventeen species are known from North and Central America, though all of these are rather similar in general appearance.  Larvae of the new species are greenish with red stripes and yellow spots, and are found on the leaves of the Gum Bully bush, Sideroxylon lanuginosum, with flying adults observed in April and May and larvae taking a year to mature.

Lactura rubritegula


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