A New Species of Antbird, named for E O Wilson

Main report: Cordillera Azul Antbird: New Bird Species Discovered in Peru
Other Reporting: Harvard University, ScienceNewsline
Scientific Paper: The Auk   
New Taxa: Myrmoderus eowilsoni
Common Name: Cordillera Azul Antbird
Species named for: E.O. Wilson
Categories: Birds | Celebrity Taxa | New Species

A new species of antbird, discovered in 2016 in Northern Peru, has been named for E.O. Wilson in recognition of his lifetime contribution to scientific discovery and conservation.  Known from just one mountain ridge, the species is threatened by clearance of forest for sun-coffee farming.

The Cordillera Azul antbird (Myrmoderus eowilsoni). Image credit: Andrew Spencer / Macaulay Library

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