Unprecedented top-to-bottom survey reveals new species in Malaysian rainforest

Main report: New species discovered in Malaysian rainforest during unprecedented, top-to-bottom survey
(California Academy of Sciences)
Other Reporting: Phys.org, California Academy of Sciences, iNaturalist Penang Bioblitz, Biographic
Scientific Paper: not published   
New Taxa: not identified
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This fall, the California Academy of Sciences partnered with The Habitat Penang Hill and colleagues to conduct a top-to-bottom rainforest survey of biodiversity on Malaysia’s island state of Penang,.  Over the course of two weeks the international team of 117 scientists discovered several species previously unknown to science—including a new species of ghost scorpion, living just miles from a major metropolis.   From-the-field updates were broadcast digitally by JASON Learning to classrooms around the world and over 1,400 species observations were logged on the nature-tracking mobile app iNaturalist..

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 A new-to-science scorpion discovered on Penang Hill.  Photo: Phil Torres/bioGraphic
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