Survey reveals more than 30 new species from biodiverse Kaieteur Plateau, Guyana

Main report: Biodiversity Survey Team Discovers Dozens Of New Species In Guyana’s Kaieteur National Park And Upper Potaro Area
(Global Wildlife Conservation)
Other Reporting: Global Wildlife Conservation (full report), Stabroek News, Atlas Obscura
Scientific Paper: not published   
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The newly discovered species include more than 30 species new to science, and likely endemic to Guyana, including six species of fish, three plants, a tarantula, a frog, a snake, some dragonflies, plants and beetles.  The month long survey was conducted in Kaieteur National Park (KNP) and the Kaieteur Plateau in Guyana.

An electric blue tarantula discovered in Guyana’s Potaro Plateau. COURTESY ANDREW SNYDER

A possibly undescribed tarantula. Photo by Andrew Snyder. Taken March 12 2014.  Herpetologist Andrew Snyder encountered a rotting tree stump with numerous holes while out on a night hike in primary rainforest along the upper Potaro River. Shining his flashlight into a large hole revealed this possibly undescribed tarantula (Subfamily: Ischnocolinae).

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