Orchid thought to be extinct blooms in a botanical garden

Main report: Rare orchid from Ogasawaras seen for first time since 1938
(The Asahi Shumbun)
Other Reporting: The Mainichi
Scientific Paper: not published   
New Taxa: Liparis hostifolia
Common Name: Shimakumokiriso, Illusionary orchid
Categories: Lazarus Species
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Thought to be extinct for almost eight decades, a rare orchid from the Ogasawara island chain 1000 km south of Tokyo is blooming at a botanical garden.  Discovered on a survey of the island, three bulbs of the unknown plant were taken as samples to Japan national museum’s Tsukuba Botanical Garden to be raised.  People are prohibited from landing on the island,  a World Natural Heritage site, which this may be the reason the rar eorchid has managed to survive.  The last time the species on Chichijima was reported collected was 1938.

“Shimakumokiriso” (Liparis hostifolia), National Museum of Nature and Science’ Tsukuba Botanical Garden in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. Nov. 18. 2017. Photo: Shinichi Mishima

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