New species of wasp found by college student

Main report: New species of wasp found in Maine Discovered in search for the winter moth
(e Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry)
Other Reporting: CBC News, WCSH6 News, The Forecaster
Scientific Paper: Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington   
New Taxa: Ormocerus dirigoius
Species named for: Maine's motto, "Dirigo." It means "I lead" in Latin
Categories: Insects | New Species | Species Discovery
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University of Maine student Hillary Morin Peterson of Brunsiwck Maine discovered the tiny, non-stinging wasp while conducting work for her undergraduate honors thesis.  Peterson was able to attend a 2015 BioBlitz at Acadia National Park focuse don finding hymenoptra, and by the end of the event she had been offered an internship with The Smithsonian to continue her research.

Ormocerus dirigoius

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