New snake identified on holy mount in Sri Lanka

Main report: A New Species of Aspidura Wagler, 1830 (Squamata: Colubridae: Natricinae) from Sri Pada Sanctuary (Peak Wilderness), Sri Lanka
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Scientific Paper: Zootaxa    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Aspidura ravanai
Species named for: Emperor Ravana
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A New Species of Aspidura is described from Sri Pada Sanctuary (Peak Wilderness), Sri Lanka.  Sri Pada Sanctuary, or Adam’s Peak Wilderness, is a tropical rain forest that spreads over the Sri Pada Peak (Adam’s Peak.)  Adam’s Peak is one of the major ecotourism destinations in the hill country of Sri Lanka.  Its summit is revered by different religions, as a footprint there is believed to have been made by either Buddha, Adam, or St. Thomas.

(A) Female paratype of Aspidura ravanai sp. nov.

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