New bushcricket species are among the largest insects in the world

Main report: 7 New Giant Bug Species Are Extremely Aggressive
(National Geographic)

Scientific Paper: Zootaxa    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Malagasopus , Malagasopus desutterae, Malagasopus meridianus, Oncodopus janetae, Oncodopus brongniarti, Oncodopus saussurei, Oncodopus soalalaensis, Colossopus parvicavus
Species named for: Malagasopus gen. nov. “Malagasy” meaning Madagascan
Categories: Insects | New Species

A new genus and seven new species of katydids are among the biggest, bulkiest insects on Earth. Found only on the island of Madagascar, the bugs have the “biceps” of a bodybuilder and can be very aggressive—both surprising traits for katydids.

A new species of brighty colored giant katydid, Oncodopus brongniarti. The insects can reach lengths of over 2.5 inches. Photo by George Beccaloni

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