Accidental discovery finds a new hermit crab using live coral as its home

Main report: New Hermit Crab Lives In “Walking Corals”
Other Reporting: Science Daily, Gizmodo,, CBC
Scientific Paper: PLOS ONE   
New Taxa: Diogenes heteropsammicola
Categories: New Species | Species Discovery
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A new hermit crab species can live in a walking coral’s cavity in a symbiotic relationship, replacing the usual marine worm partner.  It is the only known hermit crab species to partner with a living coral.  The newly discovered crab was identified by accident, after finding a one inside a preserved walking coral.  Specimens of the new species were collected in the Oshima Strait of Japan at depths of 60-80 meters, and the species had been previously reported from a shallower bay in Japan at 30 meters.

Diogenes heteropsammicola. Photo credit: Momoko Igawa

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