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New Taxa: Jotus , Species to be named
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This species of jumping spider was found by researchers on a Bush Blitz species discovery expedition in QLD last year and is totally new to science. The Department of the Environment and Energy is giving Australians the opportunity to be part of scientific history by giving it a name!  Entries close midnight 22 December 2017.  See report earlier this year where this new species and over 60 others were discovered during the bush blitz expedition:  ‘50 New Spiders Discovered in Australia‘.

The genus Jotus is part of the jumping spider family (Salticidae). There are only nine species in the genus.  Jumping spiders are found all over the world, from tropical forests to deserts and from intertidal zones to the slopes of Mount Everest.  Perhaps what makes jumping spiders most endearing is their song and dance to win a girl.  This 4mm long jumping spider was discovered on a hilltop just outside the town of Laura during the Bush Blitz in the Quinkan Country of Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula.  The beautiful photos were taken by arachnologist and photographer Robert Whyte. Dr Baehr will officially describe this little guy in a scientific publication in 2018.

Photo: Robert Whyte

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