Little Frogfish “Rediscovered” After More Than a Century

Main report: Nudiantennarius “Rediscovered” After More Than A Century

Scientific Paper: Copeia    (Plazi Treatment)
Common Name: Lembeh Frogfish
Species named for: Nudiantennarius subteres
Categories: Fish | Lazarus Species | New Species
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While only four individuals of this fish has been reported since first described, this small frogfish has actually been hiding in plain sight all along, with countless photographs posted on the internet.   The rarity of Nudiantennarius was really nothing more than a case of mistaken identity.  As it turns out, N. subteres is identical to a fish that divers have been photographing across the Coral Triangle for years. It has been referred to variously as the Ocellated Frogfish or the Lembeh Frogfish, after the Lembeh Straits, where the species is particularly abundant.   Authors reexamined the 1909 specimen, along with a handful of others that matched up with it in appearance, including one obtained from the aquarium trade.

Nudiantennarius subteres from Dauin, Philippines. Credit: Gittan Noren

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