Large wolf spider from Madagascar named for the albino direwolf Ghost, from the Game of Thrones

Main report: Ocyale ghost: A new species of Wolf Spider from Madagascar.
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Other Reporting: Der Spiegel
Scientific Paper: European Journal of Taxonomy    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Ocyale ghost
Species named for: reference to its white colour and in addition the white Wolf 'Ghost in the book Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin.
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A large white species of wolf spider, Ocyale ghost Jocque M. & Jocqué R. sp. nov. is described from a white sandy beach of an inland freshwater lake in the northwest of Madagascar. The first photos of a living specimen of the genus Ocyale are provided together with some observations on the biology of the newly described species.

Wolf Spiders, Lycosidae, are large, active Spiders that do not build webs, ambushing animals that passes close to their burrows or actively seeking out and chasing down prey. They have large prominent eyes, and a habit of carrying their eggs in a sack on their abdomens.

Ocyale ghost, female photographed at type locality. Jocque et al. (2017).

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