Auctioned naming rights to new plant will support further research

Main report: New plant species to be named after late Idaho governor Andrus
(Associated Press)
Other Reporting: Boise State University News, Boise State Public Radio, Boise Public Radio, The Lewinston Tribune, Washington Times,
Scientific Paper: not yet published   
New Taxa: Lomatium Andrusianum
Common Name: Biscuit root
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A yellow, flowering plant, called biscuit-root, commonly found in a Military Reserve in the Boise Foothills will be named after former Idaho governor Cecil Andrus.  A $10,000 donation from Andrus’ friends helped secure the naming rights, and will memorialize the governor where he could often be seen walking his dogs.  An Idaho congressional bill has been introduced to rename the area to the Cecil D. Andrus-White Clouds Wilderness.  The $10,000 dollars raised will go toward further research of the plant and others like it found in southwest Idaho and southeast Oregon.  The plant was identified as a new species through DNA analysis.

College of Idaho/Boise State University


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