Another deep-water sandperch first discovered for sale in an aquarium market

Main report: Parapercis altipinnis, a new sandperch from the Philippines
(Advanced Aquarist)
Other Reporting: ReefBuilders,
Scientific Paper: Zootaxa    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Parapercis altipinnis
Common Name: Karen's sandperch
Species named for: Latin alti (long) and pinnis (fin)
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This fish, with its unique dorsal fin was first spotted in captivity in 2016, a specimen purchased from a local aquarium in Belgium.  The new species of pygmy sandperch was discovered on deep rubble zones at Cebu, Philippines.  Other species of sandperch from the Philippines have been described recently, which were also found first in markets (see Five New Colorful Species of Sandperch, Sept 2017) .

Parapercis altipinnis


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