This new wrasse is one of the reddish fish in the sea

Main report: Fire! Cirrhilabrus shutmani is a hot new fairy wrasse
(Advanced Aquarist)
Other Reporting:, Research Gate, Reefbuilders
Scientific Paper: Zootaxa    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Cirrhilabrus shutmani
Common Name: Magma fairy wrasse
Species named for: Barnett Paul Shutman
Categories: Fish | New Species
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The brilliant wrasse is completely devoid of any stripes or spots.  It is a very red fish.  At the depth it’s collected where red appears black, so would be almost impossible to see in its natural habitat.

Cirrhilabrus shutmani, male holotype, 55.7 mm SL, from Didicas Volcano, Babuyan Islands, northern Philippines. Credit: B.P. Shutman / Tea & Gill 2017

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