A Stunning Dartfish from Japan & Philippines, Named by School Students

Main report: Navigobius kaguya Is Another Spectacular Dartfish From Japan & Philippines
Other Reporting: Reefs.com, SciencyThoughts
Scientific Paper: Zootaxa    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Navigobius kaguya
Common Name: Kaguya’s dartfish
Species named for: Moon Princess Kaguya from the Japanese folk tale Taketori Monogatari (The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter).
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Kaguya’s dartfish was described from two specimens, one from Japan and another from the Philippines, both collected relatively deep at 24 meters (137 feet) in Japan and 55 meters (180 feet) in the Philippines.   The fish has been known to Japanese divers and researchers since 1994 but is only now formally described. The fish’s name was selected by school students at a climate change workshop at the University of Sydney, from the anime film The Tale of the Princess Kaguya.  The name alludes to the yellow markings of this fish’s dorsal fin, which are said to resemble the graphics from a moon phase chart.

Navigobius kaguya from Japan showing the distinct yellow spots of the first dorsal fin

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