A new banana from Andaman Island, India

Main report: Andaman’s new taste is sweet-and-sour
(The Hindu)

Scientific Paper: Nordic Journal of Botany   
New Taxa: Musa paramjitiana
Species named for: Paramjit Singh, Director of the Botanical Survey of India
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Edible wild banana species discovered, the second such on the island in two years.  Musa paramjitiana species grows to height of nine metres and bears an edible, sweet-and-sour tasting fruit, The which has been part of the diet of local tribes people.  The authors suggest the new species might be a good choice as genetic base for plant breeders to develop a high yielding, disease resistant variety of parthenocarpic edible banana The critically endangered species was found in North Andaman’s Krishnapuri forest, 6 kilometres from any human habitation.  See other banana species recently discovered.

Wild cousin: The newly discovered banana has fruit with prominent seeds (right). It is critically endangered.

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