A new freshwater crab, from Malaysia

Main report: Salangathelphusa peractio: A new species of Freshwater Crab from Langkawi Island, Malaysia.
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Scientific Paper: Zookeys   
New Taxa: Salangathelphusa peractio
Species named for: “peractio” meaning “ending of a story”. It alludes to the discovery of the present freshwater species, arguably the last one the author will describe from Langkawi, ending his 30-year history with the island.
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Peter Ng of the Lee KongChian Natural History Museum at the National University of Singapore describes a new species of Freshwater Crab from Langkawi Island, off the northwest coast of Peninsula Malaysia.  Ng was surprised to find a new species on such a small and heavily surveyed island, and does not expect to describe any more species from the island, so named the crab as the likely last new species from the area.  All of the observed Crabs were living within an area of a few hundred square metres, within Lubuk Semilang Park, though this area is covered with dense vegetation, and similar environments nearby are very hard to access.

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