A new species of great ape has been discovered

Main report: New species of orangutan discovered in northern Sumatra
(The Guardian)
Other Reporting: Daily Mail, PanEcoSwitzerland (YouTube), Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool John Moores University (YouTube), The Star (Myanmar)
Scientific Paper: Current Biology   
New Taxa: Pongo tapanuliensis
Common Name: Tapanuli orangutan
Species named for: The area spanned by the Batang Toru ecosystem south of Lake Toba in northern Sumatra.
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A new species of great ape has been discovered, represented by a small population of orangutans in northern Sumatra.  Now the most endangered great ape in the world, there are only an estimated 800 individuals of the new, third and most ancestral species of Orangutan.

Tapanuli orangutan. Photograph: Andrew Walmsley/Sumatra Orangutan Conservation Programme/Body Shop

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