26 new species of miniature frogs from Madagascar. Two are delightfully obscene.

Main report: A swathe of Stumpffia: 26 new frog species
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Scientific Paper: Vertebrate Zoology   
New Taxa: Stumpffia davidattenboroughi, S meikeae, S contumelia, S obscoena, S miovaova
Species named for: Sir David Attenborough
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26 new species of Stumpffia, a genus of small narrow-mouthed frogs endemic to Madagascar, have been described in a single research paper.  The monograph contains a complete revision of the existing 14 species of Stumpffia.   Some of the Stumpffia are are among the smallest frogs in the world; Stumpffia contumelia, measures only 8-9 mm. Due to their extreme miniaturization many species show an extraordinary reduction of their fingers and toes. In some cases only a long middle finger is retained, reminding an insulting gesture — resulting in the delightfully named Stumpffia obscoena.  One of the frogs is named in honor of  Sir David Attenborough.  This research was the major component of a PhD thesis for Andolalao Rakotoarison, lead author, from the Technical University of Braunschweig.  Descriptions include bioacoustic recordings.

Like several other tiny Stumpffia species, S. contumelia displays an extraordinary reduction of the fingers. In this species, only one long finger is retained, reminding an insulting gesture.


Stumpffia miovaova

Stumpffia cf. meikeae, one of the new species described


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