Two new species of earth’s oldest plants

Main report: Two new species of Cycas found
(The Hindu)
Other Reporting: SciencyThoughts, India Today,
Scientific Paper: Nordic Journal of Botany   
New Taxa: Cycas pschannae, Cycas dharmrajii
Species named for: Paramjit Singh Channa, Dharmraj S. Mishra
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A very old, lone tree found in a botanic garden has turned out to be a new species, a Cycas, one of the first known plants.  Cycas are one of the most ancient plants whose fossils date to the Jurassic period and are often referred to as “living fossils”.  Cycas evolved on the earth as the first seeded plants and they grow very slowly, adding only a few centimetres every year.  Research conducted on a tree found in the Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden in West Bengal India has revealed two new species of Cycas to the world.  The lone Cycas pschannae found in the Botanic Garden may have been planted by the British.    The other species discovered, Cycas dharmrajii was found when researchers were looking for other specimens of Cycas pschannae in Table Excelsiar Island.

Cycas pschannae

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  1. who is discoverer of Cycas dharmrajii

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