No better gift: EBay auction for a chance to name new plant species

Main report: Auction offers chance to name new plant species found near Leavenworth
(Wild Society)
Other Reporting: 610 Kona, NW News Network, OPB
Scientific Paper: not yet published   
New Taxa: Lomantium
Categories: New Species | Plants
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The auction will open on Ebay on November 21 and close December 1st.  The money raised will be given to the outdoor education non profit Wild Society. “It’s a pretty spectacular plant, it’s quite large and has these brassy yellow flowers and it grows on very steep slopes near Leavenworth (Washington State) and in that general area,” says botanist Mark Darrach.  The plant is a member of the genus Lomatium in the plant family Apiaceae.

Courtesy: Wild Society


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