Confiscated shipment of rare frogs reveals an undescribed species of tree frog

Main report: University researchers identify possible new frog species
(Idaho Press-Tribune)

Scientific Paper: not published   
New Taxa: to be named
Categories: Amphibians | New Species

For now, her name is Goldicheeks.  Customs authorities in Hong Kong confiscated the tree frogs from a cargo shipment originating in Mexico to be crowned and fringe-limbed species.  Northwest Nazarene University  (NNU) applied to host the frogs, and have discovered one is most likely a species not yet known to science.  The new frog is in a good place now: NNU is one of the only institutions in the world to breed Fringe-limbed Treefrogs in captivity.

Dr. John Cossel holds the newly discovered species of Fringe-limbed Treefrog. Her name is Goldicheeks.

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