An orchid with large flowers that smells like champagne, and nine other new orchids from Magagascar

Main report: New Orchids Discovered in Madagascar - Exclusive!
(The English Garden )
Other Reporting: Plant World News
Scientific Paper: Kew Bulletin   
New Taxa: Cynorkis aconitiflora, Cynorkis christae, Cynorkis elephantina, Cynorkis jackyi, Cynorkis lentiginosa, Cynorkis mammuthus, Cynorkis mangabensis, Cynorkis sanguinolenta, Cynorkis siederi, Cynorkis syringescens
Species named for: Author Anton Sieder's wife Christa
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A new species of orchid with enormous, highly scented flowers has been discovered in Madagascar. It was discovered by Austrian botanist Anton Sieder, who passed on his findings to the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, who confirmed the plant, named Cynorkis christae, as being new to science.  Another nine new orchids have been discovered in the same area in the past two years, including Cynorkis aconitiflora a delicate, violet flowered species with blooms similar to Aconitum and Cynorkis elephantina, notable for its speckled flowers and flower stems.

Cynorkis christae

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