Five Colorful New Species of Sandperch

Main report: Five Colorful New Species of Sandperch
Other Reporting: ResearchGate
Scientific Paper: Zootaxa   
New Taxa: Parapercis rubricaudalis, Parapercis soliorta, Parapercis flavipinna, Parapercis caudopellucida, Parapercis hoi
Common Name: Redtail Sandperch, Sunrise Sandperch, Yellowfin Sandperch, Andaman Sandperch, Ho’s Sandperch
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The Parapercis sandperches are one of the most highly diverse groups of reef-associated fishes, with roughly 81 species having been recorded (and many more yet waiting scientific description). Now, we can add another five species to the list.  Two of the species fish were found in markets.

Sunrise Sandperch (Parapercis soliorta), Credit: Johnson & Motomura 2017

Aquarium specimen of the Redtail Sandperch (Parapercis rubricaudalis). Credit: Barnett Shutman / Johnson & Motomura 2017

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