An extraordinary cave animal found in Eastern Turkmenistan

Main report: An extraordinary cave animal found in Eastern Turkmenistan
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Scientific Paper: Subterranean Biology    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Turkmenocampa mirabilis
Species named for: country of origin, Turkmenistan; mirabilis for “unusual, amazing, wonderful, remarkable"
Categories: Insects | New Species

A remote cave in Eastern Turkmenistan was found to shelter a marvelous cave-adapted inhabitant that turned out to represent a species and genus new to science. This new troglodyte is the first of its order from Central Asia and the first strictly subterranean terrestrial creature recorded in the country.  The creature was found in Kaptarhana cave in the foothills of the Koytendag mountain range in the east of Turkmenistan, a distinctive desert landscape marked by ravines, plains, extraordinary rocky formations, sinkholes and the sixth largest cave system in the world. To find the animal, scientists spent 8 hours in the cave looking for specimens and placing traps with smelly cheese as bait.

Sendra A., et al. 2017

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