‘Extinct’ flower found near popular walking route in Derbyshire

Main report: 'Extinct' flower found near Peak District walking route
(BBC News)
Other Reporting: The Star, INews, Parwich.org, Grough
Scientific Paper: none   
New Taxa: Hieracium subprasinifolium
Common Name: Leek-coloured Hawkweed
Categories: Lazarus Species | Plants

A plant thought to be globally extinct has been rediscovered growing near a popular country walking route in Derbyshire, UK.  The  dandelion-like flower, the Leek-coloured hawkweed was discovered in Derbyshire in 1898 but not confirmed as a new species until 1942.  It disappeared from the area in the 1950s and died out at its only other site in Staffordshire some years ago.   There are more than 400 species of hawkweed in Britain.

Rhodri Thomas examines the leek-coloured hawkweed. Photo: Alex Hyde/Peak District NPA

Leek-coloured Hawkweed. Photo: Alex Hyde

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