The Longnose Harlequin Frog, Rediscovered

Main report: Rediscovering Hope for the Longnose Harlequin Frog

Scientific Paper: Neotrpical Biodiversity   
New Taxa: Atelopus longirostris
Common Name: Longnose Harlequin Frog
Categories: Lazarus Species | Species Discovery

A miracle.  That’s how Ecuadorian herpetologist Dr. Luis Coloma describes his team’s rediscovery of a striking yellow-spotted frog, the Longnose Harlequin Frog, which had been lost to science since 1989 and feared extinct.  The Longnose Harlequin Frog suddenly and mysteriously vanished then, along with nearly a dozen other Ecuadorian amphibian species.

The newly discovered Longnose Harlequin Frog had been missing since 1989. (Photo by Gustavo Pazmiño)

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