New snail genus from northeastern Thailand

Main report: Aenigmatoconcha clivicola: A new species of Helicarionid Land Snail from northeastern Thailand.
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Scientific Paper: Raffles Bulletin of Zoology   
New Taxa: Aenigmatoconcha, Aenigmatoconcha clivicola
Species named for: “Aenigma” from the Latin word meaning something obscure, a riddle or mystery, and “concha” from the Latin word meaning snail or shell, livicola” comes from two Latin words: “clivus”, meaning sloping side of hill, and “-cola”, meaning dweller.
Categories: Invertebrates | New Species

Aenigmatoconcha clivicola, in natural habitat. Kitti Tanmuangpak in Tumpeesuwan & Tumpeesuwan (2017).


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