A new mola, genetically ID’d as a new species

Main report: Sunfish spotting: four-year search discovers first new species in 130 years
Other Reporting: Reef Divers, Sci-News, Smithsonian Magazine, National Geographic
Scientific Paper: Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society   
New Taxa: Mola tecta
Species named for: Latin tectus (disguised, hidden); Hoodwinker (trickster, deceiving by disguise)
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It turns out there was a third species hiding in plain sight all along, Mola tecta.  Marianne Marianne Nyegaard from the Sunfish Research Group has proposed the first addition to the genus Mola in 125 years.   The new species was described based on specimens from  New Zealand and Australia,  South Africa, and southern Chile.

The Hoodwinker sunfish. Otaga Museum.

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