A newly discovered hermit crab builds its own house with the help of sea anenomes

Main report: Behind Green Eyes: New species of deep-water hermit crab finds itself unusual shelters
(Pensoft Blog)
Other Reporting: Advanced Aquarist, Phys.org, Science Daily
Scientific Paper: Zookeys   
New Taxa: Paragiopagurus atkinsonaeis
Common Name: Green-eyed hermit crab
Species named for: Dr Lara Atkinson
Categories: Crustaceans | New Species

Much like other hermit crabs in its family (Parapaguridae), the little crustacean does not use the shells of other molluscs to shelter its vulnerable body, but rather finds a home in the soft, polypy masses built from sand and material created by sea anemones which go on to live on the backs of these crabs in an amazing symbiosis.  The new hermit crab was discovered in 2013 during a survey of the west coast of South Africa, and found restricted to a surprisingly small area for no obvious reason.

The “shells” of Paragiopagurus atkinsonaeis is custom-built for them by zoanthids (which are unfortunately dead in this photo). Pensoft

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