Six new deep reef-dwelling species from Easter Island photographed

Main report: 6 Potential New Fish Species Discovered in Easter Island’s “Twilight Zone”
Other Reporting:, The Guardian
Scientific Paper: Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography   
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In a paper released last month, a team of Chilean researchers revealed the first images of what may be at least six new reef-dwelling species.  The finds include a butterflyfish with vertical black bars and a wrasse sporting eye-catching orange stripes.  In April technical divers with the California Academy of Sciences were able to capture a specimen of one of the new species — a damselfish with yellow fins — which will soon receive a scientific name (see reports of the expedition, with descriptions of other new species).  These are the first video observations from this region of the deep-dwelling fishes from ROV exploration of benthic communities from 157 to 281 m and baited drop-camera videos from 150 to 1850 m.  The findings from this expedition may help bolster efforts to create a 720,000-square-kilometer marine park around Easter Island and the nearby Isla Salas y Gómez.


Video stills of several potential new species on Easter Island. Credit: Erin Easton 

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