Six or more new reef fish discovered in a continuing survey of the Fiji Lau Seascape

Main report: New to science: Species discovery in the waters of Fiji
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In the latest reef survey of the marine RAP (Rapid Assessment Program) in the Lau Seascape in the Fijian Archipelago, researchers attempted to photograph as many reef fish species as possible, particularly those that are rare or appear new.  527 species over the 11-day expedition, with six to nine new or potentially new species, as well as several previously known but still undescribed species.  Most of the potentially new fish species were small gobies, including a number of coral dwarf gobies in the genera Trimma and Eviota, as well as a sand goby in the genus Grallenia.  There was also a beautiful damselfish, believed to be new in the genus Pomacentrus. 

A seemingly new species of slopefish in the genus Symphysanodon. (© Conservation International/photo by Mark Erdmann)

This stunningly-colored dwarfgoby, Trimma anthrenum, was described in 2006 from Fiji but had never before been photographed live. The striking blue eyes are only apparent in live photos. (© Conservation International/photo by Mark Erdmann)


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