New frog, and 1000th new species in EJT

Main report: EJT: 1000 species and beyond!
( Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences News)
Other Reporting: Herpetolgical taxonomy, phylogeny and systematics
Scientific Paper: European Journal of Taxonomy    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Pristimantis boucephalus
Common Name: Bigheaded Rubber Frog
Species named for: large head
Categories: Amphibians | New Species

In its 325th issue the European Journal of Taxonomy, published by the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, has published its 1000th paper on a new species.  This latest publication describes Pristimantis boucephalus, or the Bigheaded Rubber Frog, a minute species with a large head from the Yanachaga-Chemillén National Park in Peru.

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