Four new species of burrowing frog, from Western Ghats India

Main report: Four new species of burrowing frogs discovered in the Western Ghats
Other Reporting: Mathrubhumi, The,
Scientific Paper: Zootaxa   
New Taxa: Fejervarya neilcoxi, Fejervarya manoharani, Fejervarya cepfi, Fejervarya kadar
Common Name: Neilcox Burrowing Frog, Manoharan Burrowing Frog, CEPF Burrowing Frog , Kadar Burrowing Frog
Species named for: Dr Neil Cox, IUCN Biodiversity Assessment Unit, TM Manoharan, Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, Kadar tribe (Kerala)
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Of the 40-odd species of frogs that belong to genus Fejerverya, only one was previously known to have a burrowing lifestyle – the Rufescent Burrowing Frog.  After sampling populations of frogs in parts of the Western Ghats that looked similar to the Rufescent Burrowing Frog, scientists identified four different species entirely – based on differences in DNA, physical appearance and variations in their calls. These new species are the Neilcox Burrowing Frog (Fejervarya neilcoxi), the Manoharan Burrowing Frog (Fejervarya manoharani), the CEPF Burrowing Frog (Fejervarya cepfi) and the Kadar Burrowing Frog (Fejervarya kadar).

Manoharan’s Burrowing Frog. (Photo credit: SD Biju).

Neilcox Burrowing Frog. (Photo credit: SD Biju).

Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund frogs, or CEPF frogs mating. (Photo credit: SD Biju).

Kadar Burrowing frog. (Photo credit: SD Biju).


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