First record of an invasive species preying on an undiscovered native species

Main report: Video shows invasive lionfish feasting on new Caribbean fish species
Other Reporting: Youtube - Burke Museum Video, Gizmodo, Fox News, Live Science
Scientific Paper: PLoS ONE   
New Taxa: Palatogobius indendius
Common Name: Ember goby
Species named for: latin for fire
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Researchers have identified a new deep water goby in the Caribbean.  At the time of its discovery, from a submarine, researchers recorded footage of a lionfish cornering, attacking and eating the new species.

The new species described in the paper has a bright orange stripe down its spine and schools together in masses of about 100 fish—starkly different behavior from most gobies that hide as individuals in holes or cracks in the reef, making the new species an easy target for lionfish attacks.  The good news is the goby species being eaten by the lionfish appears to be abundant throughout the Caribbean. The researchers have observed it in large numbers on many submarine trips around the region. But almost a third of the fish species along deep reefs haven’t yet been named, and they could be at risk if lionfish continue to raid the area.

Palatogobius incendius, live in aquarium. Photo by Barry Brown.


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