Chameleon discovered again, after 180 years

Main report: Bukti Kekayaan Nusantara, 2 Spesies Reptil Baru Ditemukan di Sumatra
Other Reporting:, Herpetological taxonomy, phylogeny and systematics, Species New to Science
Scientific Paper: Zootaxa   
New Taxa: Pseudocalotes baliomus
Common Name: Spot-Shouldered False Garden Lizard
Species named for: Greek for point ( balios ) and white (omos)
Categories: Lazarus Species | New Species | Reptiles
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Distinctive white dots on its shoulders helped researchers realize the new species had been collected before, in the 1830s by a naturalist in the Dutch East Indies government, but never named nor described.

Pseudocalotes baliomus (Dr Amir Hamidy, M Sc / LIPI)



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