Another new Australia bush tomato, in a brand new national park

Main report: Newly established, a national park in Australia unveils a new plant species
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Other Reporting:, Philadelphia Inquirer, Science Daily, Strange Animals
Scientific Paper: Phytokeys   
New Taxa: Solanum jobsonii
Species named for: botanist Peter Jobson
Categories: New Species | Plants

US botanists have named a new bush tomato species, based on collections made by their Australian colleagues, during government-funded surveys in a brand new national park, Limmen National Park, Northern Territory, Australia.  After looking at collections from biodiversity surveys in a vast are area that is now Limmen National Park, Bucknell University biology professor, Chris Martine, decided to form an expedition to relocate and describe a mysterious bush tomato uncovered during government-sponsored studies.  Notably, Dr. Martine recently discovered and described another bush tomato, from Martine collected the species during a field expedition to Mirima National Park in western Australia, which was named one of the Top 10 Species of 2017 by the ESF International Institute for Species Exploration.

Solanum jobsonii, discovered in a newly established national park in Australia. Credit: Jason T. Cantley

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