A new armoured catfish species from north-eastern Brazil

Main report: Hypostomus sertanejo (Siluriformes: Loricariidae), new armoured catfish species from north-eastern Brazil.
(South American Ichthyology)
Other Reporting: Planet Catfish
Scientific Paper: Journal of Fish BIology   
New Taxa: Hypostomus sertanejo
Categories: Fish | New Species

A re-evaluation of the armoured catfish species of Hypostomus in the Rio Jaguaribe, north-eastern Brazil, was prompted by the discovery of specimens with pale spots on a dark background collected from that basin c. 1936 and deposited at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Recent field collections in the Rio Jarguaribe basin confirmed the presence of the pale-spotted specimens and its distinctiveness as a new species.

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