A new genus of slopefish, discovered in a fish market, and photographed during a coelocanth survey.

Main report: Cymatognathus aureolateralis, A Colorful New Genus Of Slopefish
Other Reporting: Reef Builders
Scientific Paper: Zootaxa    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Cymatognathus aureolateralis, Cymatognathus
Common Name: Wavy Jaw Slopefish
Species named for: Latin aurum (gold) and lateralis (side) in reference to the bright yellow marking laterally on body.
Categories: Fish | New Species
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An entirely new genus is described from the mesophotic reefs of Indonesia, just the second genus to join the slopefish family.  Cymatognathus aureolateralis, the Wavy Jaw Slopefish, was discovered by chance at a local fish market in Northern Sulawesi, where it had been collected as bycatch. Our only glimpse at this fish in life comes courtesy of a single, tantalizing image captured at a depth of 200 meters as part of a coelacanth survey.

Wavy Jaw Slopefish (Cymatognathus aureolateralis). Credit: Kimura et al. 2017


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