Three new species of humming frogs

Main report: Three new frog species found in disappearing Atlantic Forest

Scientific Paper: Peer J   
New Taxa: Chiasmocleis migueli, Chiasmocleis veracruz, Chiasmocleis altomontana
Species named for: Terra da Vera Cruz” given to the “new land” of current Brazil by the Portugueses in 1500., Dr. Miguel Trefaut Rodrigues
Categories: Amphibians | New Species

Humming frogs spend most of their life underground, coming out only a few weeks a year for “explosive breeding.”   The three cryptic species were identified through their genetic analysis.

Chiasmocleis veracruz

Chiasmocleis veracruz from Forlani et al., 2017

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Fittingly and finally, a frog named for David Attenborough


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