Orthochromis species yet-to-be-described from Africa documented in video

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New Taxa: Orthochromis
Categories: Fish | New Species | Species Discovery
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Six potential new cichlid species, which have not yet been described are filmed and described by researcher Hans van Heusden

“This is a trailer of a movie how is realized out of four trips to Tanzania and Zambia where I visited and researched the beautiful Orthochromis habitats above but also underwater.In this movie, I show you six new Orthochromis species, which have not yet been described. Four out of six I discussed in detail and some of the described species as well. Furthermore, I found two new cichlid species in Zambia, one from the Luongo River and one from the Kalungwishi River, and a beautiful geographical morph of Orthochromis kalungwishi. The movie has a length of 77 minutes and is in HD. If you interested to see this movie ask the coordinator of your Cichlid association, or you cichlid friends club to organize a presentation for you, and let him contact me for the conditions.”

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