DNA barcode analysis reveals a new species of butterfly, the first in Israel in 109 years.

Main report: New butterfly species discovered in Israel for the first time in 109 years
Other Reporting: ScienceTimes, Bioscience Technology, Pensoft Blog
Scientific Paper: Comparative Cytohenomics   
New Taxa: Melitaea acentria
Common Name: Acentria's fritillary
Categories: Insects | New Species | Species Discovery
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This new species is named Acentria’s fritillary (Melitaea acentria) and was found flying right over the slopes of the popular Mount Hermon ski resort in northern Israel.  The species may be one of a handful of butterflies known to have arisen through hybridisation between two other species.

Melitaea acentria in nature. Female. Israel, Mt. Hermon, 1800 m, 07 May 2016. Photo by V. Lukhtanov.

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