Five new truffle species identified in New Hampshire

Main report: 5 new truffle species identified in New Hampshire
(KRQE News (AP))
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Scientific Paper: IMA Fungus   
New Taxa: Elaphomyces americanus, Elaphomyces bartlettii, Elaphomyces macrosporus, Elaphomyces oreoides, Elaphomyces remicki
Species named for: E. Bartlettii: Bartlett Experimental Forest; named after Governor Josiah Bartlett (1729–1795), a New Hampshire politician and signer of the Declaration of Independence.
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While other types of so-called deer truffles have been found across Europe and the western United States, the particular species doctoral student Ryan Stephens found in the White Mountain National Forest have never been formally identified and named.   All Elaphomyces species are putatively associated with eastern hemlock,, a tree species in regional decline.  Small mammals play a key role in dispersing these Elaphomyces species and that the Elaphomyces are an important part of the small mammals’ diet.


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