Fittingly and finally, a frog named for David Attenborough

Main report: Discovering new species 'never gets boring,' says biologist
Other Reporting: Anfíbio do Mês Blog, EurekAlert!, Discovering new frog species (video from the field),, Wikipedia
Scientific Paper: Zookeys    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Pristimantis attenboroughi
Common Name: Attenborough's Rubber Frog
Species named for: Sir David Attenborough
Categories: Amphibians | New Species

Pristimantis attenborough is the first species of amphibians to be named for David Attenborough.  Attenborough’s rubber frog was found in the Pui Pui Protected Forest, a nature reserve in central Peru. The frog is terrestrial and lays its eggs on the ground.  Authors of the research article note that there are more terrestrial-breeding frogs from montane forests in the area that will be described in the near future.


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