ESF 2017 Top 10 New Species (with video)

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The ESF International Institute for Species Exploration has released its annual pick of the year’s top ten species.  Dr. Quintin Wheeler, IISE Founding Director and President, SUNY-ESF (College of Environmental Science and Forestry), reviews ESF’s new Top Ten list.  See video

Released every year around the birthday of Carolus Linneaus, the 2017 list is the 10th annual ESF Top Ten New Species list.  It is not easy effort, with an approximate average of 18,000 new species described every year.  An international selection committee selected these most fascinating and intriguing newly discovered creatures:

Eulophophyllum kirki sp. nov. profile demonstrating leaf-like camouflage. Photo credit: Peter Kirk.

Katydid: Females are pretty in pink. SUNY ESF.

A cryptic species of monkey frog from Amazonian rainforests of northern Peru
A marvelous new glassfrog from Amazonian Ecuador

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